ReAction Checklist

Checklist for Super7 x Funko's ReAction figure brand as well as other similarly styled Kenner-esque action figures.
Last update: July 20, 2014.


Alien (Super7 x Funko)
__ Alien Early Bird Kit (SDCC 2013 exclusive)
__ Alien Salesman Sample Kane in Space Suit and Alien Test Shots (SDCC 2013 Exclusive)
__ Alien Alien figure (blue or black cardback)
__ Alien Alien figure (clear plastic figure on blue cardback, pre-order exclusive)
__ Alien Ash figure (blue or black cardback)
__ Alien Dallas figure (blue or black cardback)
__ Alien Kane figure (blue or black cardback)
__ Alien Ripley figure (blue or black cardback)
__ Alien Display Plastic Stand (SDCC 2013 exclusive, shipped with some Early Bird Kit figure sets)

The Rocketeer (Super7 x Funko)
__ The Rocketeer

Six Million Dollar Man (Zica Toys)
__ Bigfoot
__ Colonel Steve Austin (Blue Track Suit)
__ Colonel Steve Austin (Red Track Suit) 

Twilight Zone (Bif Bang Pow!)
__ Bob Wilson
__ Gremlin
__ Henry Bemis
__ Invader
__ Kanamit In Work Uniform
__ Kanamit
__ Talky Tina


Alien (Super7 x Funko)
__ Egg Chamber Playset (Blue box, SDCC Exclusive)
__ Egg Chamber Playset (Black box)
__ Blind-packed figure in Egg (TBD)

Back to the Future (Super7 x Funko)
__ Biff Tannen
__ Doc Brown
__ George McFly
__ Marty McFly

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Super7 x Funko)
__ Angel
__ Buffy
__ Gentleman from Hush
__ Oz
__ Spike
__ Willow

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Amok Time)
__ Klaatu and Gort Two-Pack

Escape from New York (Super7 x Funko)
__ Snake (Jacket)
__ Snake (Tank Top)

Firefly (Super7 x Funko)
__ Hoban Washburne
__ Jayne Cobb
__ Jayne Cobb with Hat (SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Kaylee Frye
__ Malcolm Reynolds
__ Malcolm Reynolds with Coat (SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Zoe Washburne

The Goonies (Super7 x Funko)
__ Chunk
__ Data
__ Mikey
__ Mouth
__ Sloth
__ Sloth (Superman shirt SDCC 2014 Exclusive)

Horror (Super7 x Funko)
__ The Crow
__ Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
__ Ghostface (Scream)
__ Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
__ Michael Meyers (Halloween)
__ Pinhead (Hellraiser)
__ Sam (Trick R Treat)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Super7 x Funko)
__ Barrel
__ Behemoth
__ Devil
__ Jack Skellington (evil smile)
__ Jack Skellington (smiling)
__ Jack Skellington (surprised)
__ Jack Skellington (Variant head and Zero SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Mayor
__ Sally

Predator (Super7 x Funko)
__ Predator (Attack, open mandibles)
__ Predator (Invisible)
__ Predator (Invisible Blood Splatter SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Predator (Masked)
__ Predator (Unmasked)

Pulp Fiction (Super7 x Funko)
__ Butch
__ The Gimp
__ The Gimp  (Wood box SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Jimmie
__ Jules Winnifield
__ Mia Wallace
__ Marsellus Wallace
__ Vincent Vega
__ The Wolf

The Rocketeer (Super7 x Funko)
__ The Rocketeer (Black and White SDCC 2014 Exclusive)

Six Million Dollar Man (Zica Toys)
__ Barney Hiller
__ Dr. Rudy Wells
__ Dr. Rudy Wells Variant
__ Evil Robot Mr. X
__ Oscar Goldman

The Terminator
__ Kyle Reese
__ Sarah Connor
__ T-800 Endoskeleton (Chrome)
__ T-800 Endoskeleton (Matte Silver)
__ T-800 Terminator (Leather Jacket)
__ T-800 Terminator (Tech Noir Jacket)

Twilight Zone (Bif Bang Pow!)
__ Bob Wilson (Color, SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Gremlin (Color, SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Henry Bemis (Color, SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Invader (Color, SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Kanamit (Color, SDCC 2014 Exclusive)
__ Talky Tina (Color, SDCC 2014 Exclusive)

Universal Monsters (Super7 x Funko)
__ Bride of Frankenstein
__ Creature from the Black Lagoon (Regular)
__ Dracula
__ Frankenstein's Monster
__ Invisible Man
__ Mummy (Regular)
__ Phantom of the Opera
__ Wolfman

Star Trek (Funko)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Funko)
(Reference: Funko Funatic Forums, 2)

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