Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor ReAction FigureRarely do I have much to say about smell, but this The Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor has a whiff very similar to the Onell Design Glyos figures. It's hard to miss. The figure itself is neat, but it doesn't ring true to the ReAction aesthetic - that is, a shameless replication of the Star Wars form factor of 1978-1985. His foot pegs holes are even a different size - the end result is a better figure that, while not totally out of place in the line, really just shows that there's a sliding scale as far as authenticity goes on this line.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Behemoth

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Behemoth ReAction FigureAs one of the people lucky enough to be aware of The Nightmare Before Christmas months before anyone saw it thanks to Tomart's Action Figure Digest I was also lucky enough to scope out the toys as they were new. I didn't buy many - I still regret that, but I was also pretty young and unable to find work. So this Behemoth is the first one I've ever owned - and it's pretty great. He feels like a bulky, beefy Kenner figure of old (not unlike a Sise Fromm or a Rancor Keeper) with sculpting and detailing pretty much on the mark. Given the use of puppets, there's really no reason to get it "wrong" as there is a disgustingly large quantity of photos.