Thursday, June 25, 2015

Review: Funko The Fifth Element Leeloo ReAction Figure

Funko The Fifth Element Leeloo ReAction FigureThere aren't many catchphrases to survive The Fifth Element , but Leeloo did have one word that really struck a chord and is also no doubt a question you have right now. "Multipass?" Yes. Leeloo has a Multipass! It's unpainted and tiny, so you're probably going to lose it because if it gets in your carpet you will never see it again. It's not the smallest 3 3/4-inch accessory ever, but it's definitely close. Molded in her skin color plastic, Leeloo has a lot of paint to get her up to spec while also being somewhat convincing as a retro figure. The only problem is that the paint isn't glossy, and old Kenner toys were shiny little dears.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Funko Predator (Thermal Vision) ReAction Figure

Funko Predator (Thermal Vision) ReAction FigureI didn't even think to ask for a Predator (Thermal Vision) ReAction Figure. I was just in Toys R Us one day, and blammo, there it was for ten bucks. I took a few days to mull it over. "Do I need another Predator figure?" The answer was yes, and I scooped it up even though it's the same masked mold I've bought at least four times by now. Paint makes up for a lot in these toys, and something this weird - and technically something we never really saw in the movie - is a must-buy for fans of this junk.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review: Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Ripley (Spacesuit) ReAction Figure

Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Ripley (Spacesuit) Action FigureThe ReAction Alien line is a little weird. We've got three Kanes, two monsters, and our heroine has only two releases. The second is this Ripley (Spacesuit) figure, which is basically the first Kane in new colors and Ripley's head - now molded in flesh color. Her helmet is new, missing the flashlight on top.