Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Funko Gremlins Bandit Gremlin ReAction Figure

Funko Gremlins Bandit Gremlin ReAction FigureSharing the same body as the green creatures from the rest of this Gremlins line, the Bandit Gremlin brings you a different figure - by most modern standards, anyway. My sample had joints that moved without too much fussing, which means at least mine was pretty great. The body is the same as the Cinema Gremlin and Stripe, but the head and gun are unique to this release.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: Funko Gremlins Cinema Gremlin ReAction Figure

Funko Gremlins Cinema Gremlin ReAction FigureDespite the frozen joints on the Cinema Gremlin, I wanted to make it work - and thankfully, it's doable. Some figures' limbs will not budge, so it's a gamble - this one paid off. The figure shares the same basic body as Stripe and the Bandit Gremlin, but sports a popcorn bucket and one of those most hilarious comedy props in the 1980s, 3-D Glasses. (See also: Swedish Chef in The Muppets Take Manhattan, Billy Zane in Back to the Future.) Add glasses to anything and it's automatically better.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review: Funko Gremlins Christmas Gizmo ReAction Figure

Funko Gremlins Christmas Gizmo ReAction FigureI wanted to wait to open the Gremlins figures for Christmas reviews... maybe that was a mistake. The quality of this line has been up and down, which resulted in my initial reaction (oh wow! I'll buy every last one of these!) to apprehension to disappointment. I had three Doc Browns break out of the package. A Predator seemed OK, but it turns out the joint in the arm wasn't actually turning - it was twisting and broke off. Boiling water helped loosen some stuck joints, but the night I opened Christmas Gizmo, I found he had a stuck right arm. I figured, well, let's try the Cinema Gremlin - all five joints were stuck and couldn't move. Stripe with Chainsaw had one stuck arm, but the legs were warped so he can't stand. Since the Mogwai Stripe and Billy Peltzer figures I looked at earlier were both good, this was really heartbreaking. I'm going to see if I can boil or freeze the joints into working order, but generally it just means something is going to break. With that in mind, let me preemptively advise caution - Funko makes a lot of neat stuff, but their return policies and CS on broken toys is basically "take it back to the store." With that in mind, I advise strongly on buying these figures to leave in the packaging if you plan to buy them at all. This isn't meant to sound like sour grapes, but when 3 of the 5 figures have assembly problems we've got real issues.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Review: Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Nostromo Crew (Dallas, Kane, Lambert) ReAction Figures

Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Nostromo Crew (Dallas, Kane, Lambert) Action Figure
Owing much of its design aesthetic to the original Kenner Star Wars and Alien lines, Super7's New York Comic Con exclusive Nostromo Crew (Dallas, Kane, Lambert) further fleshes out a very interesting, glacially paced line of releases. The ship crew has been growing, but still isn't complete - this set gives us our very first Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) figure in this format, with another Dallas (#2) and another Kane (#4). These figures were teased - a very Kenner move - on the Alien Egg Chamber Playset Box and (of memory serves) at San Diego Comic-Con a couple of years ago, so actually getting these figures is a nifty thing in and of itself. All that's left is ship crew versions of Lambert, Jonesey, Parker, and Brett. I think that'd be sufficient.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor ReAction FigureRarely do I have much to say about smell, but this The Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor has a whiff very similar to the Onell Design Glyos figures. It's hard to miss. The figure itself is neat, but it doesn't ring true to the ReAction aesthetic - that is, a shameless replication of the Star Wars form factor of 1978-1985. His foot pegs holes are even a different size - the end result is a better figure that, while not totally out of place in the line, really just shows that there's a sliding scale as far as authenticity goes on this line.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Behemoth

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Behemoth ReAction FigureAs one of the people lucky enough to be aware of The Nightmare Before Christmas months before anyone saw it thanks to Tomart's Action Figure Digest I was also lucky enough to scope out the toys as they were new. I didn't buy many - I still regret that, but I was also pretty young and unable to find work. So this Behemoth is the first one I've ever owned - and it's pretty great. He feels like a bulky, beefy Kenner figure of old (not unlike a Sise Fromm or a Rancor Keeper) with sculpting and detailing pretty much on the mark. Given the use of puppets, there's really no reason to get it "wrong" as there is a disgustingly large quantity of photos.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Review: Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Kane (with Facehugger) ReAction Figure

Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Kane (with Facehugger) Action FigureTaking a page from modern toys, Kane (with Facehugger) gives us a reason to buy two of the same guy instead of one guy with variant heads or features. The arms and legs are the same as the Chestburster version, but this one isn't "dead" when you remove the alien mask accessory. He's just preggers.