Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review: Funko Universal Monsters The Mummy ReAction Figure

Funko Universal Monsters The Mummy Action FigureIf you think you might like this figure, let me tell you that you will, and you should buy it. You really don't need to keep reading.

Thanks to availability being borked, the glow-in-the-dark version of The Mummy is one I won't likely chase down - but I will say that the standard version is one of the better figures in this line so far. The quality of the Back to the Future guys varies from figure to figure, Terminator was a little wonky, but some of the others like Predator at SDCC turned out to be exquisite. The Mummy is closet to the exquisite category - the arms and legs and head all turn nicely, and his bandages are a glossy, off-white plastic that looks kind of sickening. His head is painted green, as are his hands, and his putrid eyes are grey and faded. It's basically an alternate universe 1980 Boris Karloff Mummy figure, had Remco never done theirs. The sculpting of the body is closer in line to 1983's Return of the Jedi figures, while the posture feels like an earlier Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back release. It's good. Real good.

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  1. I'm super impressed with this figure. This is the only one of the UM Monsters I've received yet, but I do think he looks and feels very vintage. Probably my favorite of the Funko ReAction stuff I've received thus far.