Thursday, June 26, 2014

Super7 Teases More Alien ReAction at SDCC's in the box? Nobody knows!  Super7 (not Funko) teased 3 buyable things - which will probably sell out in the first 20 minutes at the show.  This post teases some sort of egg-shaped thing, the box to the left (a playset?), and a totally blacked-out mystery box.

Seeing as Super7's exclusives so far have been a clear grey Alien as well as prototype blue Alien and Kane figures, it would stand to reason new deco could be a likely candidate for these sets - maybe even test shots of the remaining figures, or test shots for next year's new molds for Alien.  Who knows? Let's hope they make a bunch because I'll be sad if I miss them!

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  1. The fine print on the Alien box says "assembly required" and "action figures not included," so it's safe to say it won't be repaints. I'm hoping for a playset or vehicle, myself. That would be awesome. Hopefully those of us who are not attending SDCC will get a chance to purchase them at some point, as well.