Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Super7 SDCC ReAction Figure Exclusives Announced
A hand-cast resin Alien Egg Chamber Playset is the centerpiece of a number of very low-run, high-dollar ReAction figures being sold by Super7 at Comic-Con in San Diego this year.  At 250 pieces, give up.  Just give up.   Unfortunately the ridiculous "we have to make these rare collectibles" mentality has just claimed my enthusiasm for another toy line... on the bright side?  I'm going to be un-ordering some of the regular product now. No price was listed.

But enough about my blinding white-hot toy fan rage... what else are they doing?

This link says to expect a crated-up Pulp Fiction Gimp, some new sculpt and new deco Alien figures blind boxed in eggs, and these are all $25 a whack.   Interesting ideas, but what are the Alien figures?  Nobody knows yet.

Additional exclusives include their own original vinyl figure designs in typically low Super7 runs.  Huzzah and kudos for curing everyone of being a completist on this line before it even really got started, that takes some doing.

Also, Funko has additional exclusives to announce - but what?  They're still revealing them, so stay tuned!

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