Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review: Super7 x Funko Alien Egg Chamber Action Playset

Super7 x Funko Alien Egg Chamber Action PlaysetWe've been doing some talking about "gag figures" lately, and this is sort of a "gag playset." The joke of the Alien Egg Chamber is that a little girl and a little boy are playing with a breeding ground for murderous parasites and seem to be having a great time - and that it looks like something that was a cheap toy in 1979 which is in fact a very expensive toy in 2014/2015. The first release was a heavy resin and sold on-site at Comic-Con last year, the market for which softened quickly and the $100 super-limited item is (at press time) about $120-$130 on eBay. Not being able to get in line at the show, I pre-ordered online (there were credit card problems) during the show, which got me a black box and a plastic base. I would say this is a piece for vintage toy fetishists only, and it's a real curiosity.

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