Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Ash

Super7 x Funko Alien ReAction Ash Action FigureWhile not tops on my list of preferred characters, Ash makes for a pretty good figure. As a driving force for the movie's malevolent feel, Ian Holm's character is the perfect fodder for term papers everywhere. Not only does the character place duty above safety, but he works as a metaphor for the film's criticizing of itself - at one point he attacks Ripley with a rolled-up pornographic magazine, literally trying to cram the role of a subjugated woman down the throat of a major step forward for the roles of women in film, particularly genre stuff. Few movies to grace the pages of Starlog have a star without a Y chromosome, so someone smarter and better than I am at this no doubt has crafted some wonderful piece on Alien as a change to a brighter future for women in sci-fi, although, arguably, this brighter future never actually arrived. (See: Slave Leia, Carol Marcus, Megan Fox in Transformers movies. And arguably the shots at the end of Alien too.) But I digress, and I am not an expert in the area of gender roles in film in the slightest plus I could probably go on about this for pages.

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