Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Funko Universal Monsters The Wolf Man ReAction Figure

Funko Universal Monsters The Wolf Man ReAction FigureOne of the stranger things I've seen in my decades of toy collecting is that facts change. Questions like "What color is Han Solo's jacket?" have had numerous answers - if you asked Galoob and Kenner in the late 1990s, they said that Lucasfilm told them that Han always wears black. However, there were exceptions - which means we saw Bespin Han usually wear black, but Hoth Han's garment has been black, blue, and a purple/brown color. It seems that The Wolf Man is not immune, no doubt in part due to the fact black-and-white movies screw with perceptions. This figure has a nice 1980s feel with a glossy shirt and appropriately old-school articulation, plus white teeth and faux Kenner eyes. It's good. Get one.

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