Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Sally ReAction Figure

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Sally ReAction FigureLike any good toy dork, I was keenly aware of The Nightmare Before Christmas months before anyone saw it thanks to Tomart's Action Figure Digest - arguably the best thing you could read in the pre-internet world, just because of how much information it threw at you that you didn't realize you needed to know yet. The movie itself was a wonder, a mix of old-school holiday TV specials for kids with something that is largely hard to find elsewhere, notably that it's thematically older-skewing as it explores themes of failure and one of the worst things that happen to us as we grow up: being forced to examine and acknowledge our limitations. Sally was one of the film's leads, and unlike the film's hero she actually does get to grow more as a person and exceed her creator's intent by going from a sort of a ragdoll/Frankenstein's monster hybrid.

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